Classroom Chores and Teen Flip-Fuck
Classroom Chores and Teen Flip-Fuck Staxus
Released: July 25, 2016 Full Length: 26 minutes

Young Richie Hajek has clearly offended someone at the STAXUS Academy prior to the start of this scene, given that he’s been given the task of cleaning the graffiti off the desks in one of the classrooms. So it probably comes as a relief to the lad when Alan Benfelen arrives to help. Unfortunately for the lad, his mate’s idea of assistance is probably not what most folk would have in mind. Instead of knuckling down to the task with a bit of hard elbow-grease, Benfelen is soon fooling around like an idle na’er-do-well – soaking Hajek in the process.

That, of course, naturally leads to the youngster having to strip off some of his uniform – and the rest, as they say, is soon history! Within seconds Benfelen has very eagerly pounced on his school-buddy’s dick, feasting on the handsome ramrod with the kind of enthusiasm you’d expect from a lad his age; and before long the move is being repeated in reverse. Indeed, the whole sordid little escapade has a certain egalitarian feel to it, with every move from one pupil replicated by the other.

As such, it’s only fitting that it ultimately climaxes in a passionate flip-flop fuck; first Benfelen rimming and pounding Hajek’s open little pucker, then Hajek pummelling every inch of his raw knob deep into Benfelen’s ass over the desk in return. By this stage, any thought of scrubbing off graffiti has long since been forgotten. Instead, both lads can think only of emptying their sacs of jizz – Benfelen over his belly, Hajek over Benfelen’s face! As school lessons go, this dirty little encounter is almost certainly one that both boys will long recall!

Models: Richie Hajek, Alan Benfelen
Themes: Bareback, Twink, European, Rimming, 69, School / Students, Uniforms

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